Thursday, January 21, 2010

the beginning

The beginning. Fuih. Sounds grand right? xD. Well it kinda is =)

So the entire holidays were spent going out, movies, going out, karaoke, going out, dinners, going out, reunions, going out, stoning, and going out. Fuih. I even complained about going out. Karma. Now i hardly got the chance to -__-

Erm. And SAM results! of course how could i miss that out. I got a rather okay TER (considering the number of subs i failed and almost failed in trials ahem), a TER that is obtained through the help of many, many friends and lecturers. Many thank yous to them =). But I'll have to mention one of them in particular here. He is, unsurprisingly, Jeremiah. Been helping me out since form 4 without complains. At least, not at that time. ahah. He must be SO glad i'm reading law now XD.

So i'm currently in my 2nd-3rd week in college. So far so good, if not, things are getting better ;)

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