Tuesday, August 31, 2010

the itch

Uh oh the last post was in February! hah i finally got the chance to update it now :D

Today by far, has the best morning in 2010, mainly coz it probably is the only day i woke up not for classes or exams but to driveee to mcD and tapau-ed through driveee through =DD. Notice the emphasis. hah.

currently listening to - (There's gotta be) More to Life - Stacie Orrico

Sipping the coffee under the aircond typing this.. i felt as if i'm one of those super busy corporate people, holding the cup of coffee, walking down the streets like those shown in hollywood movies. Or like the doctors in grey's anatomy.

currently reading - the law of dreams - Peter Behrens

8 months have passed, that fast.. hmm..


Anyway, the stress-free eat-sleep-tv-online life is hereee. And let the karaoke frenzy begin! =D

Saturday, February 27, 2010


I've finally started doing work :D

hmm. that's a good start, while so many other people had already finished theirs -__-"

heh. So college is starting to get better, somehow.

I'm missing Asia Cafe's takoyaki, wanton mee, jap fan??, the Japanese box meal, chicken rice, cheese baked rice, fried sotong T_T, teriyaki chicken, etc etc.

AND the so famous char kuey tiow T_T

AND cabana

AND jojo

AND take a break


k time to resume essay =)

I need karaoke. badly. hmm..

Monday, February 22, 2010


It finally started raining on a supposedly sunny day after an almost week long drought. For most people, there is nothing abnormal to it.

But the thing they don't know about this weather, is that with rain comes with it cleanliness. And for some people, this is exactly the moment that they have all been waiting so desperately for.

You see, they need rain to wash away all their insecurities and doubts, the wrongs that they've done or they think they have done and unknowingly fool themselves into believing that the rain is all they needed. But what they don't know, or pretend to not know, is that when the time comes for the Sun to appear in the midst of it, things that they tried so hard to clean and get rid of, will get dirty and reappear, all over again.

So it is an endless cycle, what they're doing. But one thing is for sure. They are not going to stop.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


It's only February and so many people have already left. And few more are going to do so in the next few weeks. Sigh.

OH well. Take care people..

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Some things are meant to be left behind.

They didn't look back.

I shouldn't either.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

the beginning

The beginning. Fuih. Sounds grand right? xD. Well it kinda is =)

So the entire holidays were spent going out, movies, going out, karaoke, going out, dinners, going out, reunions, going out, stoning, and going out. Fuih. I even complained about going out. Karma. Now i hardly got the chance to -__-

Erm. And SAM results! of course how could i miss that out. I got a rather okay TER (considering the number of subs i failed and almost failed in trials ahem), a TER that is obtained through the help of many, many friends and lecturers. Many thank yous to them =). But I'll have to mention one of them in particular here. He is, unsurprisingly, Jeremiah. Been helping me out since form 4 without complains. At least, not at that time. ahah. He must be SO glad i'm reading law now XD.

So i'm currently in my 2nd-3rd week in college. So far so good, if not, things are getting better ;)