Saturday, February 27, 2010


I've finally started doing work :D

hmm. that's a good start, while so many other people had already finished theirs -__-"

heh. So college is starting to get better, somehow.

I'm missing Asia Cafe's takoyaki, wanton mee, jap fan??, the Japanese box meal, chicken rice, cheese baked rice, fried sotong T_T, teriyaki chicken, etc etc.

AND the so famous char kuey tiow T_T

AND cabana

AND jojo

AND take a break


k time to resume essay =)

I need karaoke. badly. hmm..


  1. err. those places are like less than an hour away from HELP!!!! =)
    you can still go ther as often as you want! :)

    your long list of food just made me so hungry and yeah, i need karaoke too. =(